Patterns that Connect

Machine Culture

Leon-Etienne Kühr (DE)

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A bathroom with a toilet and a sink

In addition to AIs that synthesize images from text, there are AIs that can generate text. In this experiment, two AIs initiate a machine dialog. An image generated by a first AI is converted back into text by a second one and can thus be translated back into a new image. The result is an AI feedback loop that converges and points out the hidden machineculture that persists through data and training, with “a bathroom with a toilet and a sink” being a frequent concept these loops converge on.


Leon-Etienne Kühr studied Computer Science and Media Art and Design at Bauhaus University in Weimar (DE) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence feedback loops. He is currently an artist in residence in Klagenfurt (AT) to further conduct artistic research on the aesthetic potential and societal impact of machine-to-machine communication.