Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition


NUBIA — Metaverse Platform / INTRONS

ESPRONCEDA — Institute of Art and Culture (ES)

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We are pleased to present INTRONS, developed by Soliman López in the context of our Metaverse platform NUBIA. INTRONS is a proposal to solve the human and natural presence in virtual spaces or metaverses. It starts with a genesis collection of 1,500 dynamic, generative NFTs that contain the ability to store and represent 15 traits from their owner’s genome. The project represents an evolution in the representation of reality, in which biotechnology is put at the service of the artist’s gaze. All this results in creating a new digital identity extracted from various scientific data of the human genome obtained from genetic tests inhabiting the digital space. For it to be carried out, a saliva test of the holder and the use of the DNA serum are necessary. After that, the magic begins: said serum is injected into the INTRON, and its shape begins to mutate until it adapts to the result, thus giving birth to the owner’s digital identity, with the ability to be used in the metaverse. This collection has a peculiarity that makes it unique: among its NFTs, there are some with a higher rarity than the rest; their appearance is less frequent. This depends on the individual variation that the URI creates in the NFT metadata and DNA values. The Rarities Laboratory collects variations of both materials, from plastic to metallic effects, colors, backgrounds, and textures.


NUBIA is the creation of Metaverses and the generation of new experiences explored by invited artists. These proposals, between the physical and the digital, are connected to the blockchain economy through the generation of NFTs associated with digital artistic works and physical works. The Metaverses proposed by the artists have their own rules, they use gamification, immersion and interaction to invite collectors, visitors and experts to be part of *NUBIA* in new worlds inhabited by artworks.


Solimán López