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PhD Poster Salon

University of Art and Design Linz (AT)

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Donnerstag, 8. September 2022, 13:00 - 15:00
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Zeit (MEZ / UTC+1) angegeben.
Kunstuniversität Linz, Hauptplatz 6, Innenhof


Charleen Elberskirch (DE)

This work experimentally explores the potentials of ready-to-hand 3D-scanning tools for the digitization of (actual) clothing.
Building on this, the possibilities of digital design environments for the reverse engineering of garments are investigated.
43-02-180 is one product of an ongoing practice-oriented research project (PhD) that focuses on the question of how fashion remanufacturing can be designed sustainably and effectively with the help of digital technologies. One of the key ambitions is to nurture novel design processes for the remanufacturing of clothing. Beyond that, research is being conducted into the associated aesthetic potential for the design of new clothing.

Tendencies’ Lack

Lucia Simon Medina (ES\AT)

The human cognitive architecture is predisposed to search for patterns, meaning that it expects cause-effect explanations, and finds their absence unsatisfactory. The patterns that we consciously or unconsciously tend to repeat are related to personal comfort and processes of discrimination. At a time when human behavior seems to be subject to the scrutiny of the correlations established in the digital realm, it is pertinent to ask what is incomputable. Chance, for example. Computers are capable of generating pseudo-random series, but not truly random ones. These drawings explore the ideas that mathematicians and quantum physicists use to argue the existence of randomness.

Sounding Attention Labour

Yann Patrick Martins (CH)

The commodification of human attention has transformed the browser in terms of labor manufacture and extraction. From network analysis to the logging of variables within the codebase, the browser offers tools to the critical debugger to intercept and analyze data extractivism at various stages and with differing scale: from the specific line of code to the bulk of manufactured data sent over network; de facto, debugging ranging from an error correction practice to a multi-scale forensic analysis. The browser performance will sonify the various scales of data manufacture to render tangible the invisible ways in which attention is commodified.

leaky insulation

Marta Beauchamp (AT)

In the real-time sound installation leaky insulation, the perception of the surrounding space is modulated by rhythmical waves of presence and absence of sound. Ambient sounds are captured by a microphone and the signal is passed through a microcontroller programmed to modulate the signal amplitude with a slow sine wave function. Headphones are employed as a permeable interface through which to encounter the filtered soundscape.
By inviting viewers to listen to ambient sounds through a cyclical modulation, connecting and disconnecting the listener from the soundscape, the work heightens awareness for rhythmicity in the environment, offering a window into synchronous and asynchronous events.