The Shape of Things to Come

Rendezvous in my dreams

Shahab Nedaei (IR)

| | |

Night after night. I see these images in my head. In the darkness of my dreams, I am afraid to close my eyes, afraid to doze off. Asphalt flowing beneath me, like an endless river of stone. The unbearable sound of crackling air, hissing rubber. It bounces off the top of my skull and echoes, back and forth. Camouflage of living glass and concrete.

A living complex that contracts and expands. Contracts and expands. A Cameleon that wraps its tongue tight around me, eating me alive. I become the lizard with city scales. Mutating to the place, the city, the image. And the roar, it doesn’t stop. The rhythm, the noise tears my brain in two. It doesn’t stop. I want to leave, find the end of the labyrinth, shed my reptilian skin. Where am I? I follow the sirens through the streets. I arrive. Drenched in sweat in my bed. Night after night.