(In)Tangible Future(s)

Tangible Past

Marilena Tumler (AT)

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What was it like on Planet A?

Planet A is gone, and with it the remnants of its history. So how can we make the history of Planet A tangible independently of time and place? In the interdisciplinary project Digital In&Out historians, designers, artists, game designers and museum educators focus on that question.

The project re-animates the history of Brigantium and the baroque builders from the Bregenzerwald using Mixed Reality and anchored storytelling. With 360 videos, 3D models, animated illustrations, podcasts but also physical models and representations of the past, visitors and locals should be able to take a virtual trip through time. The application should become a precious tool for museums, educators, storytellers and of course the people inhabiting a future world to be immersed in the past on Planet B.


Marilena Tumler (AT) is currently completing her master’s degree in philosophy, psychology, history (MEd.) and ethics (MA) at the University of Vienna. She is a research assistant at the Faculty of Design, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. In her master’s theses she examines the use of mixed reality in history didactics. In 2019 she gained a BA in philosophy, psychology and history.