Desktop movies and other uncanny stories

The Look for Sit Down

Nicolas Bailleul (FR)

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In just a few years, the “gaming chair” has naturally made its way into the bedrooms of gamers and content creators. Intrigued by this strange object halfway between the office chair and the racing car seat, I am conducting an investigation into it, to better understand its uses, its functions and the reasons that led me to buy one.


Through the production of films and other narrative devices, Nicolas Bailleul explores the territory of intimacy in the era of connected networks. He is particularly interested in the new amateur practices (designated or claimed as such), using/diverting their recording tools by investing/infiltrating their diffusion and meeting spaces. Since October 2020, he has been a PhD student in research-creation at the University of Paris 8 under the direction of Patrick Nardin and Gwenola Wagon.