When the Wind Blows from Everywhere, We Make Art and (Sur)render Reality

Unidentified Object

Vilija Simutytė (LT)

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This piece explores the problem of cognition of the ontology of the object, inviting the viewer to encounter an unidentified object and to experience a primordial contact with it; the wonder that the Greeks already considered the main source of knowledge. Where knowledge ends and philosophy begins, a series of questions arises, possibly being the origin of new knowledge. In this work, therefore, I aim to raise questions rather than to find or provide answers. How is objective knowledge possible? The work attempts to appeal to everyone’s conception of reality by inserting into it an object that is not recognizable at first sight, thus allowing the subject to rethink their own individual scale of categories, to free themselves from the network of associations and to come closer to the Kantian “thing-in-itself.”