Christiane Peschek (AT), S()fia Braga (IT/AT)

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Christiane Peschek and S()fia Braga at the Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein

For the first time the OÖ Kunstverein is joining Ars Electronica Festival with a dedicated exhibition, presenting the latest works from transmedia artists Christiane Peschek and S()fia Braga.


Christiane Peschek (AT)

Christiane Peschek introduces OASIS, a potential sanctuary at the end of the Anthropocene. A post-body spa, where self-care practices meet cyber-humanism, playfully stimulating nonbinary and inclusive awareness of expanded corporeality. OASIS aims to create a physical and virtual space that moves between the material and the digital, where physicality is combined with a maximum of consciousness. Unlike traditional spas that are temples of the flesh, OASIS is based on constant transformation and adaptation: a treatment for the augmentation of our bodies. The poly-sensory installation offers a state where the physical body and mind can prepare for the sensuality of virtuality — an experimental field of mystical otherness.

Forehead Vulva Channeling Research

S()fia Braga (IT/AT)

S()fia Braga´s Forehead Vulva Channeling Research is a speculative transhumanist research project which develops advanced studies on the potential of the human body to reach lifelong emotional well-being via the re-calibration of pleasure-centers. This is achieved by channeling hidden organs using specialized technologies. Started as a series of Forehead Vulva Channelers — a specific Augmented Reality specialized technology — the Forehead Vulva Channeling Research has found within centralized social media platforms relevant support and success, creating as a result a spontaneous worldwide online performance. The project reflects on the potential of technologies to create new hybrid identities, dealing with topics such as technogender and digital bodies politics, highlighting at the same time problems related to data sovereignty, surveillance and repression within online platforms.