The Planet of Expanded Visions

Vasulka Live Archive: The intelligent epistemological tool

Jana Horáková (CZ), Jiří Schimmel (CZ), Štěpán Miklánek (CZ), Pavel Sikora (CZ), Dušan Barok (SK/NO)

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The Vasulka Live Archive website ( is an intelligent interface to the content of the Steina and Woody Vasulka archive. It consists of two interfaces called Machine Vision and Machine Learning: The goal of the Machine Vision interface is to educate users about the way machine learning technologies conduct pseudo-cognitive processes of artificial “watching” of the Vasulkas’ videos, and thus to contribute to the spread of AI literacy within the public.

The Machine Learning interface serves as an interactive epistemological tool for augmented iconographic and audiographic study of the Vasulkas’ artistic videos. While playing a selected work, users can see a graphical representation of the occurrence of the audio and video objects identified by the artificial neural networks on the timeline with an accuracy of one second.


Lead researchers: Jana Horáková (CZ), Jiří Schimmel (CZ)
Audio tagging software: Štěpán Miklánek (CZ)
Video tagging software: Pavel Sikora (CZ)
Web design: Dušan Barok (SK/NO)