The Planet of Expanded Visions

Vasulka Live Archive: Machine Dreaming

Pavel Sikora (CZ), Štěpán Miklánek (CZ), Lucid library

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The video loop presents the outputs of the pseudo-cognitive processes that take place in the lower layers of the artificial neural network model during the analyses of the content of the Vasulkas’ video archive. These visualizations were created as a by-product of the process of production of the neural network classification model. Instead of decomposing the image into a vector of classification values, the process was prematurely terminated at various stages and the partially decomposed image was visualized using the Lucid library. The deeper the image is embedded in the network, the more abstract the visualization becomes. These specific images used to be likened to a machine dreaming.

Reel 01 — Woody Vasulka videos

  • Vocabulary (Woody Vašulka, 1973)
  • C-Trned (Woody Vašulka, 1974)
  • Explanation (Woody Vašulka, 1974)
  • Grazing (Woody Vašulka, 1976)
  • Artifacts (Woody Vašulka, 1980)
  • The Commission (Woody Vašulka, 1983)
  • Art of Memory (Woody Vašulka, 1987)

Reel 02 — Steina Vasulka videos

  • 1-2-3-4 (Steina a Woody Vašulka, 1974)
  • Violin Power (Steina Vašulka, 1978)
  • Tokyo Four (Steina Vašulka, 1991)
  • Voice Windows (Steina Vašulka, 1997)
  • Vocalizations [Vocaqartet] (Steina Vašulka, 1990)
  • Trevor (Steina Vašulka, 1999)


Program of Artificial Intelligence: Pavel Sikora (CZ), Štěpán Miklánek (CZ), Lucid library
Video postproduction: Pavel Sikora (CZ)