The Planet of Expanded Visions

Vasulka Live Archive: Videomapping

Jana Horáková (CZ), Jiří Mucha (CZ), Tomáš Carda (CZ), Pavel Sikora (CZ), Štěpán Miklánek (CZ), Roman Ševčík (CZ)

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The large-format projection on the facade of the Brno House of Arts took place on December 20th, 2021, on the second anniversary of Woody Vasulka’s passing. The projected audiovisual remix was created from fragments of videos by Steina and Woody Vasulka, which were interwoven with visualizations of the pseudo-cognitive processes of artificial neural networks. It can be seen as a translation of the functional features of intelligent software (its ability to sort by shared qualities) into the language of film montage. The result is a new audio-visual work referring to the aesthetics of a music video.


Curator: Jana Horáková (CZ)
Creative Director: Jiří Mucha (CZ)
Motion designer: Tomáš Carda (CZ)
Program of Artificial Intelligence: Pavel Sikora (CZ), Štěpán Miklánek (CZ), Lucid and TensorFlow library
Sound post-production: Roman Ševčík (CZ)