The Planet of Expanded Visions

Vasulka Live Archive: The Immersive Virtual Reality

Chamit Abdulvaliyev (KZ/CZ), Pavel Sikora (CZ)

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This is an Android app that has been programmed in the Unity game engine. It uses stored information from the outputs of neural network models developed in the Vasulka Live Archive project and places previews of Vasulkas’ videos in a virtual 3D space. Virtual reality visitors can move around the space, trigger, and rearrange the videos. There are two modes of the VR setting: the model of the gallery room at the Brno House of Arts, and the open space of the Universe, where the videos are levitating, liberated from any framing, be it TV screens or white boxes of galleries.


Author: Chamit Abdulvaliyev (KZ/CZ)
Supervisor: Pavel Sikora (CZ)