CAMPUS Exhibitions

Ville Radieuse

Musrara the Naggar School of Art and Society (IL)

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The seam between the visible and the heard is a limit our daily consciousness cannot cross, but there are gates through which one can access these deep connections. Synesthetic descriptions have accompanied mystical experiences and the breaking of the boundaries of reality from the revelation at Mount Sinai (“and all the people see the voices”) through mystics from various religions throughout the Middle Ages to contemporary poets. Amir Meir is researching this seam using the “Dudon,” a musical instrument that turns light and visible shapes into sound, through which one can peek for a moment through the gate. The “Dudon”, named after the French composer Jacques Dudon, is an analog light synthesizer that translates changes in light exposure into sound. Rays of light are refracted through an array of rotating disks on which various shapes are printed. The outcome is rapid changes in the exposure of a photocell to light at different frequencies. These changes are translated into changes in voltage through the photocell and are sent to a speaker, which translates them into sound waves. Ville Radieuse (Radiant City), is the vision of the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier to construct a utopian city that will crystallize the activities of its citizens into perfectly harmonious action. With the removal of the divisions, in a complex process of alchemy on a solar panel, the fleeting human existence can meet the sublime hidden beyond the separated reality.


Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem, qualifies students for professional and artistic advancement in Photography, New Media Art, New Music, Visual Communication and Phototherapy, with a 3-year multi-disciplinary track. As part of its commitment to society, Musrara runs various empowering photography workshops for underserved communities such as youth at risk, senior citizens and more, tours and workshops, an interactive laboratory, three art galleries, the Musrara artists’ residency.


Mechanics and objects design: Amit Drori Construction
(Amit Drori, Gidon levy, Amir Meir)
(Production: Hazira Performance Art Arena)

The participation was enabled thanks to the support of LES AMIS DE MUSRARA