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DE NE DE promotes recognition of the Ukrainian cultural heritage of the Soviet period and emphasizes its value. Soviet art and architecture in Ukraine have always been stigmatized and not recognized as important historical and cultural artifacts of the past era. Since 2015, so-called “decommunization laws” have been in force in Ukraine, designed to condemn totalitarian ideology. And since ideology cannot be separated from the works of art of that period, many of them were destroyed.

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The Yellow Line project is a documentation about objects of architectural and monumental art heritage of the 20th century from the Donbass region. In 2018, the Yellow Line project revealed the value and uniqueness of certain inconspicuous objects of cultural heritage, which were not recognized in the same way. Today, most of these cities have been destroyed and occupied by the Russian army. For this reason, the documentation of the Yellow Line project remains almost the only preserved evidence of these unique sights from the past.


DE NE DE — a self-organized artistic initiative that unites participants to study and preserve cultural heritage in the context of ideological shifts. The initiative has implemented several projects, which set out to study the processes of “decommunization” in different regions of Ukraine.

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