The New Real Observatory

Zone System: Sublime Diffusion

Adam Harvey (US/DE)

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In this new work Adam Harvey reflects on the perils and possibilities of generative AI technologies and their relationship to climate change. The collection of images, titled „Zone System: Sublime Diffusion“, references AI diffusion algorithms and their power to automate the production of awe-inspiring imagery. The images were created using generative AI algorithms to elicit visual features from the latent space of commercial fashion, classical art, and stock photography in order to project an extrapolated version of the subconscious biases and subtle religious codes embedded in the training dataset. However, the paradox of using generative AI to address climate change is that the output can multiply the problem: mitigating climate change means reducing energy, but developing AI requires vast amounts of it. This work propagates a new vision for how the convergence of AI and climate technologies will have a sublime effect on the future of humankind.


Adam Harvey is a researcher and artist based in Berlin focused on computer vision, privacy, and surveillance technologies. He is the founder of, a software project that innovates computer vision technology for human rights researchers and investigative journalists.


Commissioned by The New Real.