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Blue Tears Ep.1

Hsiao-Yue Tsao (TW)

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Inspired by an old tale of the sea, the story is based on the unique wonder in Matsu, the Blue Tears, to tell a touching love story. To fulfil the promise of giving the heroine a good life, the naïve hero became greedy and died in a shipwreck, sacrificing his life for wealth. The appearance of the blue tears, symbolizing an alien species, implies the sadness of global warming. The love between the two main characters ends up making them fall into different pathways.


Hsiao-Yue Tsao is a Professor of National Taipei University of Technology, and the host of the Interactive Art Lab. She is a new media art artist as well. Her works and art achievement have received wide media coverage and many responses from readers. Her VR film *Blue Tears* won the Best VR at the LAFA Awards 2022.