When the Wind Blows from Everywhere, We Make Art and (Sur)render Reality

Computer hug

Julija Kuprijaškinaitė (LT)

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Phones and computers are daily companions of our lives. We spend a lot of time with them, they are almost always with us, nearby. A certain connection/relation is established between personal technological devices and a person: they begin to function as “self-therapy” instruments. Using a phone or computer, immersed in the virtual world, we try to take a break from the difficulties of everyday life, satisfy our social needs, or calm down. Often, just the physical presence of a phone or computer nearby provides a kind of sense of security and peace. I have noticed how much physical contact we have with these technological devices on a daily basis, and how little compared to another person, and how often we look to them for a helping hand.

By using a weighted blanket, which is used to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety, and filling it with computer mice, I aim to create an even closer connection with my computer, as if accepting it into my sleeping area and letting it “hug” me. The white color in this piece represents to me the purity of this desire for closeness, and the computer mice quietly chattering provide an ASMR effect and are calming.

I invite you to come and touch the installation.