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Mika Weinmayr, Felix Mrak

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Young Professionals Honorary Mention

Outer space.
Countless fish.

Cyberfish is a mobile game in retro Pixelart style that centers on the adventures of Drago the Cat. He lives many light years from Earth in order to find cyberfish, to fish for them, and to find out everything about them. In the process, Drago catches new species of fish that no cat has ever seen before. The lonely astronaut Drago the Cat sits on a space dock and fishes with his space fishing rod for fish cans with spectacular contents. Every fish consists of three parts: head, belly, and tail, which are put together randomly.

Through playing an arcade mini-game, in which one must avoid octopus arms, one receives cans of fish. When one opens these cans, one can get rare fish species like “Common,” “Rare,” “Epic,” and “Legendary.” The players have the opportunity to enter them in their species book. This species book acts as a sort of trophy case where later the fish can be observed as well. The object of the game is to catch the most unusual fish and enlarge one’s own collection.

It’s the perfect game for playing in spare moments.


Mika Weinmayr (*2003) lives in Graz. During his final school year, he discovered his great interest in coding. He wants to pursue this path in the near future as well.

Felix Mrak (*2004) is in his fifth year at HTBLVA Graz Ortweinschule (Film & MultimediaArt). His great passion for Pixelart and games led him to create the mobile game *Cyberfish* together with Mika Weinmayr as part of his diploma project.


Music: Konstantin Tratter