Deep Sound Opera

STWST and Guests

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In resistance to a world whose linguistic, political and rational contents have been exhausted, critical producers perform a Deep Sound Opera over two nights. It is made up of different acts that are both connected and unconnected to form a larger whole. Sound artists work with language, text and discourse in the broadest sense. Performers and autonomous initiatives act from the experience and practice of DIY, DIWO and DIT. With the different materialities of art, language and sound, the aim is TRANSFORMATION: With self-referential spirals of knowledge, with linguistic meta-levels, with content beyond text, with transferred meaning and rhythm, with downshifted frequencies of knowledge, with breath that has passed through the body, with transformed experience, with emotion and sensuality, with the SPACE BEHIND THE EYES and with the FORCE BETWEEN THINKING AND FEELING, the rational approaches of text, reflection, the free form of text cascades as well as the irrationality of sound surfaces are confronted. In the depths there are no words left. This is where we mine, this is where meaning lies, this is where the cables of language lie in chaos and mess. Connected or disconnected, an open sound format emerges to which one can perhaps still DANCE.

The installation titled Kreishell, an analog drum machine in the STWST venue, occasionally becomes an act in its own right. But is also a room-filling stage for the other acts during the Deep Sound nights. In the STWST Ground Floor, moreover, an old sound system and several visual devices rustle between No Discourse and Minimal Content, annihilating the lib(retto) of the Deep Sound Opera.


Stadtwerkstatt/STWST: STWST has existed since 1979 and is the first autonomous art and culture house in Linz. In the context of new media and media art, the place has a history of significant projects since the 1980s. Current departments of the STWST: New Art Contexts, STWST Media, STWST Club, Cafe Strom. In an ongoing practice of redefining art contexts, STWST is about positions that work between art, discourse, media, critique, music, underground and the intermingled spheres of STWST.