u19–create your world Exhibition

/_ holofear

Jolanda Abasolo, Julian Köppl, Xaver Haiden, Leonhard Schönstein

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Young Professionals Award of Distinction

Everyone knows it: FOMO—the fear of missing out.

You’re invited somewhere but you don’t really feel like going. You think about it for a while and decide to go anyway, because after all, you don’t want to miss anything. Looking back on it though, you realize that you really wouldn’t have missed much.

/_ holofear allows us to experience this spectacle in a visual manner through an installation that shows a very hyped party that becomes more boring and desolate the closer you get to it. Step by step, the supposedly great party turns out to be rather unspectacular after all. As soon as the viewer moves away, the hologram party heats up again, and with it, the desire to become part of the action—the FOMO—increases. This interaction with the hologram allows us to palpably feel the FOMO.


Jolanda Abasolo (*2004), Julian Köppl (*2003), Xaver Haiden (*2003), and Leonhard Schönstein (*2003) have one thing in common: creativity. Whether it’s 3D, generative art, animation, conception, construction, filmmaking, or photography. Completely in the multimedia spirit of their vocational school, the “Graphische,” together they make up an awesome team that enthusiastically throws itself into its projects and eagerly pursued the ideally of visualizing the FOMO.


General project supervision: Bernhard Comploj, Manuel Steinböck

Programing support: Philipp Mold

Setup assistance: Christoph Wais

Actor and construction assistance: Anna Zahel

Construction assistance: Jürgen Haiden

Equipment for film shooting: Karl Vancura, Alexander Hörl, Benno Hanke

Background actors: Frederik Lorenzoni, Lino Müller, Harald Müller, Max Fleischmann, Leila Sharifpour Langroudi, Lena Lindtner, Hannah Wallner, Julia Stangl, Sophie Tanzer, Veronika Aster, Julian Hager, Felix Hagmair, Philomena Löff, Sarah Haidl, Ava Mitas, Marit Krickl, Milan Konrad, Rosa Müller, Johanna Bräunig