u19–create your world Exhibition


Dominik Pichler, Immanuel Fröhlich, Lennard Fellner

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Young Creatives u12 Honorary Mention

The war situation Russia-Ukraine, the apparent helplessness of the EU and NATO, or of the world citizens in general, as well as all the aggressive actions around prompted the three young artists to rewrite the story with their own creative means. For they had an idea: the protagonist of the events should be stuffed into a rocket and shipped off into space, never to be seen again. But because they do not want to meet violence with violence, in their story he is confused by his own compatriots. Because blinded by the cheers and approval of his own people – as in the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” – he then finally sets off for the rocket himself, in order to travel into the vast space that supposedly belongs to him.


Dominik Pichler (*2009) is interested in cars and the International Space Station (ISS). He spends a lot of time jumping on the trampoline and enjoys setting indoor records. Lennard Fellner (*2010) enjoys exercising in his free time, is an avid guitar player, and loves cats. Immanuel Fröhlich (*2010) spends every free minute reading Disney comics and enjoys reading about historical events and science. All three boys attend the first grade of the Integrative Lernwerkstatt Brigittenau.