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Leuchtende Zukunft

Emilio Deutsch

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Young Creatives u10 Prize

The young artist developed the project Leuchtende Zukunft (Bright Future) primarily because he wanted to help reduce energy consumption. This protects the environment. The houses themselves emit light, so a great deal of energy for lamps and heating can be saved. High energy-consuming lamps become redundant and lamps and lanterns that give off dim light can be replaced by huge glow sticks.

These sticks, which contain mycelium, are placed in the transparent walls of houses in order to make them luminous. This is how it works: There are 71 kinds of fungi that give off a dim light, among them the *Armillaria* mellea, or honey mushroom. The mycelium of this European fungus glows at night. Placed in a tube, this could replace lamps—at least dim ones.


Emilio Deutsch (*2012) is in the fourth grade at LIBO Montessori Schule in Brunn am Gebirge. He is interested is motorcycle racing and Formula 1 and enjoys watching and playing “Quizmaster” on the app. He loves animals, nature, and likes jumping on his trampoline. In his free time, he conducts experiments with various materials and absorbs knowledge about all sorts of subjects related to nature and science. He is very concerned with the environment and is constantly inventing new things to protect it and keep it clean for the future.