When the Wind Blows from Everywhere, We Make Art and (Sur)render Reality

Man with a Render Animation Camera

Žilvinas Baranauskas (LT)

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This audiovisual work represents a gaze towards our urban surroundings. It asks how the city is expressed in contemporary times; in what forms it surfaces from a digital and post-Soviet state of being. The city is constantly affecting us, while at the same time we are continuously generating it within digital environments.

The title is a paraphrase of Dziga Vertov’s film Man with a Movie Camera (1929).


Meet the youngest generation of Lithuanian and Ukrainian artists — students at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Photography, Animation, and Media Art (FAMM) department, currently studying Photography and Media Art or Animation. Although the names of the programs are quite specified, the students do not restrict themselves. During their studies at the VAA, they experiment with various media, trying everything from photography, video art and installation art to performance, sound art, and even sculpture. Students are encouraged to rethink the medium they choose and use it not only as a tool, but as a reflection of or reaction to today’s world and the issues that each student sees, researches, and then creates from.