Post-Intelligent Artificial Humanism


Margarita Gehl (DE), Philip Gerdes (DE), Constantin Ruchay (DE), Henriette Sand (DE); AI-Team: Yasemin Groß (DE), Kevin Jagielski (DE), Ricardo Hendrichs (DE), & Jonas Koslenyk (DE)

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A daring peek into the human blueprint

Curiosity is one of the most important characteristics of humanity; the secrets of our genetic code are now being revealed with a paradoxical simplicity; a form of inquisitiveness that does not yet realize the potential consequences. Would you still dare to take a look?

The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, computer scientists, biologists and physicists within the framework of the “KI Workshop”, other laboratories at the University of Applied Sciences and the “Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron” DESY.


Margarita is a communication design student at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Active in many theatre projects at school, she gained much experience in acting, directing and storytelling. From this developed her passion for unique story-telling and in-depth exploration of social issues.

Philip is a communication design student based in Berlin. In an effort to combine his interests in design and technology, he discovered a passion for storytelling within realtime visualizations. His recent work encompasses generative art and 3D design elements with a strong focus on creative coding.

Constantin Ruchay is a communication design student at HTW Berlin. Originally from a small town near Hamburg, he discovered his love of designing things at an early age. During his studies at HTW Berlin, his interest grew in creative coding, exhibition design and digital 3D modelling.

As a student of computer science in Berlin, Henriette is fascinated by all things related to data. She had always considered herself to be more of an art lover than an artist but has found the data world to be full of opportunities for creativity. Her analytical thinking and organizational talent have proven to be great assets in turning ideas into reality.

Yasemin Groß, Kevin Jagielski, Ricardo Hendrichs, and Jonas Koslenyk study Applied Computer Science together at the HTW Berlin. They handle the various technical aspects of the Pandora project. From data collection, storage, processing and analysis to visual presentation, each member contributes their individual know-how.