CODE 2022: Reclaiming Digital Agency


Ines Borovac (NL), Greeshma Chauhan (NL), Arina Kapitanova (DE), Deniz Kurt (NL), Ginevra Petrozzi (NL), Michael Zerba (NL)

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Privacy in Protests

What is the importance of privacy for protestors? How is it possible to safeguard the privacy of the protestors, both offline and online? The project Physio·gnomy uses the control-access definition of privacy used by Marijn Sax in The Handbook of Privacy Studies (2018): “Privacy is about the control one has over access to oneself” as its starting point to explore the notion of privacy during protests. To be visible as a protestor should not come at the cost of your privacy.


Ines Borovac is a Croatian born social designer and performer currently based in the Netherlands.

Greeshma Chauhan is an artist with a specialization in illustrations, murals and fine arts.

Arina Kapitanova is a designer and researcher.

Deniz Kurt is a media artist and creative technologist from Amsterdam.

Ginevra Petrozzi is a designer, artist and practicing witch from Italy, working from the Netherlands.

Michael Zerba is interested in privacy and data protection.


Physio·gnomy is part of CODE 2022, a programme organised by IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (NL) in collaboration with School of Machines, Making & Make Believe (DE), Werktank (BE) and Privacy Salon/Privacytopia (BE).
CODE 2022 is realized with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL, City of Utrecht, Democracy and Media Fund, Fonds Soziokultur, Cultural Participation Fund, the Dutch Embassy in Belgium (Brussels), the Dutch Embassy in Germany (Berlin) and the Goethe Institut.