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Pixel picnic rug

Nähküche. Eine offene Nähwerkstatt (AT): Martina Eigner (AT), Barbara Gamsjäger (AT), Andrea Fink (AT), Daniela Mittelmann (AT), Dagmar Pröslmeyr (AT), Silvia Neubauer (AT), Daniela Mandler (AT)

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Individually designed textile pixels join together to form a picnic rug. Several individual pieces – each one unique – form the basis for a social gathering: a picnic rug. The pixel picnic rug invites you to enjoy nature, awakens memories and longings. In interaction, each designed pixel contributes to the strengthening of the whole without losing its individuality. The “Nähküche” team uses only donated textiles in order to contribute to the preservation of the environment by saving the resources necessary for textile production.


Martina Eigner (AT): 1970, Katsdorf, Grafikerin & Kunsthandwerkerin

Barbara Gamsjäger (AT): 1976, Linz, Kulturmanagerin, psycholog. Beraterin i. a. u.S.

Andrea Fink (AT): 1965, Neuhofen/Krems, Lehrerin für Werkerziehung

Daniela Mittelmann (AT): 1978, Tanzpädagogin, Host der Textilwerkstatt der Grand Garage

Dagmar Pröslmeyr (AT): 1961, Linz, Pensionistin

Silvia Neubauer (AT): 1961, Linz, Pensionistin

Daniela Mandler (AT): 1973, Linz, Sonderschulpädagogin