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FORMS — Screen Ensemble

Santiago Vilanova – Playmodes (ES)

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FORMS — Screen Ensemble is a generative visual music jukebox. Driven by chance and probabilities, this automaton creates endless, unrepeated graphic scores that are immediately transformed into sound by means of sonification algorithms, making it possible to literally hear what you see.

Performed by this trio of automata — rhythm, harmony and texture — a visual symphony gives birth to unique sonic landscapes: from ambient music to raging rhythms, surreal electronic passages or dance-floor beats.

This project is the result of the Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona 2020 Grants promoted by the Institut Ramon Llull, the .NewArt { foundation;}, and Hangar, presented at Arts Santa Mònica as part of Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona 2020 exhibition.


Graphic designer, music composer and self-taught creative coder, Santi Vilanova was (de) formed in the rave scene of the early 2000s. His recent research combines digital algorithms and sonification engines with classical staves and acoustic ensembles, focusing on the idea of visual music.