Collaborative Ecosystems for a Sustainable World

Species I, II and III

Mónica Rikić (ES)

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Species I, II and III focuses on imagining alternative evolutions for artificial cognitive systems.

It argues that the possibilities for existence of artificial consciousness are a matter of philosophical attribution and not only of technical developments. The project presents a set of robotic devices, built from algorithmic structures inspired by philosophical principles, which represent a small inorganic ecosystem. They are dramaturgical devices staging a possible evolution of AI, imagining a possible integration of these systems in the future.

This project is the result of the ISEA2022 Barcelona Grants promoted by ISEA, the .NewArt { foundation;}, Hac Te and DKV, presented at La Capella as part of the “What is Possible and What is Not” exhibition in the context of ISEA2022 Barcelona.


Electronic artist and creative coder from Barcelona.
She focuses her practice on code, electronics and non-digital objects. Her projects propose alternative ways of thinking about technology, robotics and AI. She has been awarded the Catalan National Culture Award 2021.
Her projects have been exhibited around the world in places such as Ars Electronica, ISEA, FILE, Japan MA Festival, and others.