FH OOE Steyr DigiSpace

FH OOE Steyr DigiSpace

Adjacent to the Arbeitsmuseum Steyr, the FHOOE Steyr has created a digitalization center. The so-called DigiSpace is a space for digital possibilities where companies and students can experience the potential of digitalization on 500 m². The focus is on the economic use of digital technologies and the role of management in shaping digital strategies. The space was officially opened on April 24th.

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Together with Garamantis GmbH, Ars Electronica Solutions has developed a multitouch table that provides various information about digitalization and the FH OOE. The table is equipped with a 55-inch touchscreen, on which different topics such as Digital Process Management, Digital Products and Services, Data-Driven Company, Digital Value Chain Networks, Digital Sustainability, Digital Culture, and Digital Sport are arranged in the form of hexagons. These hexagons can be freely moved around the screen so that each person can view the content optimally.

By opening a hexagon, users can access information in the form of texts and videos on each topic. One special feature is the 75-inch wall screen opposite the table, which allows users to enlarge the content of a hexagon. When you slide a hexagon to the top of the screen, a window opens and the corresponding video is played with sound. Another advantage of the multitouch table is that several people can work on it at the same time, enabling them to collect and exchange information together.

Overall, the multitouch offers an innovative and interactive way to present information about digitalization and the FH OOE. With its unique functionality and user-friendliness, the multitouch table is an effective tool for sharing and conveying knowledge.

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Project Credits:
Kati Romics, Dominik Trichlin, My-Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Isa Schölmbauer
Garamantis GmbH

Photo Credits:
My-Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Isa Schölmbauer
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Video Credits:
FHOOE Steyr, Isa Schölmbauer