Space Eye

On Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 “Space Eye” commenced its operations in the Gantrisch Nature Park near Bern. It is a multimedia visitor center that conveys current research in the fields of space and the environment, providing people of all ages with access to Switzerland’s largest public telescope and an 8K planetarium. Ars Electronica Solutions, in collaboration with Earth observation experts from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), contributed specially tailored developments for creating interactive and educational experiences on-site in Niedermuhlern, Switzerland.

Inside the observatory, visitors embark on a journey through various stations addressing topics related to satellites and the universe. This includes the use of touchscreens, touch tables, and a height model with a user interface. Guiding them through this exploration is the animated astronaut character Nova, who shares fascinating insights and firsthand information as an expert. Together, visitors expand their knowledge about planets, satellites, the space environment, and the technology employed for these purposes. An interactive touch wall, operable by multiple people simultaneously, allows for a personal encounter with the fascinating world of space. Touching specific points triggers the display of information and images on the screen. The content range of the visitor center supported by Ars Electronica Solutions spans from the history of space exploration to current sky observations and scientific discussions about the significance of sustainable practices.”

Space Eye is a renowned institution specializing in research, education, and innovation with a focus on STEM careers, sustainability, and digitization. The Sternwarte Uecht Foundation is responsible for the development and operation of Space Eye, setting new standards in knowledge dissemination and the promotion of connections between business, science, and the general public. This continues a long Swiss tradition in research and innovation that began in 1951 with the establishment of a private astronomical observatory by engineer and foundation founder Willy Schaerer in Uecht. The visitor center was designed by the renowned architect Mario Botta and houses Switzerland’s largest telescope in its observatory.

Project Credits:
Ina Badics, Stefan Dorn, David Holzweber, Petros Kataras, Ramona Kranzl, Harald Moser, MyTrinh Müller-Gardiner, Andreas Pramböck, Klaus Dieterstorfer, Roland Stampfer, Dominik Trichlin
Markus Wipplinger

Garamantis GmbH

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