Map is a territory, Photo: Miha Tursic

Planetary Public Stack

Miha Turšič, Waag Futurelab (SI/NL)

Mi 6. Sep 2023 14:00 – 16:00

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At Ars Electronica Festival, Waag Futurelab will premiere the Planetary Public Stack as a work in progress, functioning as a tool for discussion. The Planetary Public Stack is a stack of socially inclusive technological components that contribute to our image of the earth. It is based on the understanding that planetary imaginaries with their socio-environmental impact fundamentally depend on environing technologies and infrastructures.

This project builds on an earlier project, the Public Stack, which is based on the idea that these technological layers should all be developed from public values and takes a critical look at our use of technology. It builds from conceptual foundations of the comparative planetary imaginaries (matterings, concepts, cosmologies) toward required capacities (technologies, tools, data, skills) and the development of concrete new cases of public imaginaries.

In this workshop, participants will work on technologies and skills needed to develop collaborative and art-driven innovative approaches with critical and creative tools for addressing today’s environmental problems.

Please note:
Number of participants: 15
Language: English

Registration required. Workshops are open for FESTIVALPASS+, FESTIVALPASS or One-Day-Pass Holders only.

This workshop is presented in the context of More-than-Planet and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Photo: Jimena Gauna, Waag, 2019

Miha Turšič (SI/NL)

Miha Turšič is project developer for the Open Wetlab at Waag. He works on international collaboration and initiating projects that touch on the themes of art-science, biotechnology, digital fabrication, open-source hardware, ecology, space culture and material research. He is closely involved with the planet B narrative and is the founder of Open Space Lab within Waag.