el violador eres tú
LASTESIS collective

el violador eres tú is a small-format staging that, using the collage technique, links performance, sound and visual experimentation, with the aim of generating a graphic, visual and scenic assessment of theoretical essays that address gender issues from a feminist perspective. el violador eres tú is based on The Elementary Structures of Violence by Rita Segato (2003).

Valparaiso Brushwood
Gustavo Celedón (CL) Marcelo Raffo (CL) Verónica Francés (ES) Cristian Galarce López (CL)

Presenting a wide range of images of Valparaíso and exploring the city, this audiovisual capsule aims to elaborate Valparaíso Brushwood Garden as a concept, showing the current socio-political situation in our country, also presenting the contents of our project, featuring the artworks and artists from the Artistic Research Center.

Feminist Structures: Networks and the Collective
Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem (CL)

One-actress experimental theatrical performance via webcam, in livestream format, where the original video component is visually transformed and processed in real time through Max/Msp Jitter, in a way that the resulting image is affected by the sound of the voice and body of the same performer, reacting to the energy, rhythm and/or dynamics of the speech and movements.

Elliptical Memories, for six plus one performer
Cristian Galarce López (CL)

Specially composed and designed for Ars Electronica 2020, this work will be performed at a distance from multiple locations and presented in a VR room. The sound sources are centralized in a single platform designed in Max/Msp, to perform Real Time Processing over six independent audio channels.

Round Table: Nouvelles technologies et pratiques artistiques dans le contexte d’une crise mondiale:
Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem (CL), Gustavo Celedón Ph.D. (CL), Makis Solomos Ph.D. (FR), Adolfo Vera Ph.D. (CL)

Éthique, Politique, Esthétique et Écologies de l’art - In the round table “New technologies and artistic practices in a global crisis context: Ethics, Politics, Aesthetics and Art Ecologies de l’art texte d’une crise” we aim to reflect collectively about the role of new technologies and art in the current global context with its ethical, political, aesthetical and ecological implications.

(In)audible Valparaiso
Paul Hernández (CL), Marcelo Raffo (CL), Fabián Villalobos (CL), Verónica Francés (ES)

Documentary premiere followed by a talk: A brief excursion to Valparaiso streets that is shaped as an essay-documentary. This 30-minute film shows the city from the perspective of sound and silence, aiming to narrate us part of a hidden history, starting from missing or absent sounds that have disappeared by the passing of time and also, recently, due to confinement.

Exhibition VR Room: Did I invite you to exhibit here?
Verónica Francés (ES)

Did I invite you…? hits pause (II) on the imposed new normal to articulate a deeper timeline -millenia back (<<)-, while including multiple parameters -molecular or cosmic (@)- in the analysis.

Gustavo Celedón Bórquez (CL)

A documentary-essay film of an art-action made in Valparaíso, Chile, in December 2019. The country had risen without return against a ruthless neoliberal economy. On a ruin of irons, a metaphor about the ending of modernity, this small art-action makes a conjuration with the installation of a symbol that sentences a destiny of justice and equality.