create your world space tour: Hacking Humans for Space and STEAM in Space

​​In partnership with spaceEU, the create your world festival comes directly into your classroom. Under the title “create your world: space TOUR” we can offer you two popular workshops for free. The contents are about future issues as well as competencies such as critical thinking and solution-oriented action. Space serves as a source of inspiration and communication.

Step into Space Print at Home Exhibition

​​Become an exhibition designer and explore the fascination of space at the same time. Print the pdf Step into Space booklet on A4 and the pdf Step into Space Exhibition on A3. The booklet tells you how to do it.

Welcome to spaceEU Linz

​Ars Electronica has a long history of working with space related content and narratives. The EU project spaceEU allowed them to open new collaborations on a European level. Together with eleven organizations, Ars Electronica developed and produced a wide range of space engagement activities addressing youth, families and teachers.

Mission X

Mission X is an international school class competition that has been in existence since 2011 and is held annually in over 25 countries worldwide. NASA and ESA have developed a series of exercises and lessons to teach space knowledge, exercise, sports and the importance of healthy eating in daily life.


Countless satellites orbit earth. They constantly provide new images and insights about our planet and move it into ever new perspectives. The view from above is the starting point for an interdisciplinary view of the Earth and the implementation of these themes in design lessons.

Worldviews Of scientific consideration and creative (re)interpretation

Countless satellites orbit earth. They constantly provide new images and insights about our planet and move it into ever new perspectives. The view from above is the starting point for an interdisciplinary view of the Earth and the implementation of these themes in design lessons.

ESERO Austria (AT)

ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) is a project run by the European Space Agency (ESA) and education partners in various European countries to promote the interest of young people in scientific issues (MINT subjects in primary and secondary education). In order to achieve this goal, ESERO offers teachers a wide range of teaching materials and training programs. ESERO Austria has been active at the Ars Electronica Center Linz on behalf of ESA and FFG/BMK since 2016.

Klimawandel vom Weltraum – 360 Grad
ESRIN, ESA Centre for Earth Observation (IT), Ars Electronica Solutions (AT)

Die Erdbeobachtungseinrichtung der ESA (ESRIN) in Frascati, Italien, beherbergt das Φ-Experience – ein Multimedia-Zentrum, das eine Einrichtung zur Visualisierung von Erdbeobachtungsdaten umfasst. Das Ziel des "Φ-Experience" ist es, interaktive Anzeigetechnologien zu nutzen, um das Bewusstsein und die Sichtbarkeit der Erdbeobachtungsprogramme und -anwendungen der ESA zu erhöhen.

Future from the past: imaginations on the margins
Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine (UA)

The Center for Urban History will make video journeys to two places, which are located in rural areas but reflect urban imagination. We will travel to the Center for Space Research and Communication of the National Center for Space Management and Testing of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

Scratch-Introduction: Rocket launch!

You can`t get to space without the help of computers – so here’s an introduction for children (10-14 years) who want to learn programming. Via the free online platform Scratch we will animate an interactive rocket launch.

A sketchnote-workshop online - our experience

Participatory workshops with students offer exciting new perspectives for scientific communication, but what happens when they have to be done remotely? In this online seminar we will explore the challenges and opportunities provided by shifting a Sketchnote workshop with students to an online format.

Space in the classroom? - It's not rocket science!

Everybody loves space, but how can teachers include space topics in class? This online seminar offers simple experiments as supplements to “normal” STEM-lessons and introduces extracurricular learning centers that offer deeper dives.

Live Program of Telluric Vibrations, UCLA Botanical Gardens – Los Angeles

Enjoy the extensive live Program of Telluric Vibrations, UCLA Botanical Gardens – Los Angeles

Digital Exhibition Sojourner 2020 – A conversation among all artists

Through the ages, artists, writers, and filmmakers have been inspired by space. Their visionary depictions of space as an environment for people have influenced the scientific and engineering feats we know so well today. How will artists continue to inspire the future of space exploration? What are the opportunities and challenges in the creation of art for our interplanetary futures?

Digital Exhibition: Sojourner 2020

In 2019, the Space Exploration Initiative announced an open call to invite artists to submit artworks for an exciting ISS launch opportunity. After three rounds of reviews, nine groups of artists are selected to be on board Sojourner2020, an international art payload. For this year's Ars Electronica In Kepler’s garden online program, we created a digital spaceship to share the diverse portfolio from the initiative. Audiences are invited to immerse themselves in this digital world, walk around and encounter each other.

A new moon landing
Mehak Sarang

We are going to the moon again, and this time, to stay. But how should we do it this time and do it right?

Interplanetary Time, Communication, and Longevity
Che-wei Wang, Sands Fish

When distance is measured by light years, how do we learn from the past and make decisions for the future?

Wellbeing in Extreme Environment
Maggie Coblentz

How do we adapt to extreme conditions and how we care for each other? In the time of pandemic and isolation, can we learn from astronauts and people who have lived through hardships?

spaceEU Toolkit Launch

spaceEU is an EU project for space outreach and education activities. In order to make these activities available to a wide audience, we collected all our expertise in a toolkit. Find out about how to use it and discover how space becomes a source for inspiration

Sarah Petkus’s Noodle Feet visits the Pavilion of Knowledge

Sarah Petku’s Robot called Noodle Feet is visiting the Pavilion of Knowledge. Join and find out how the Pavilion of Knowledge looks like.