Dr Jelena Slivka (RS), Dr Nikola Luburic (RS), Jelena Joksimovic (RS), Danijela Vucicevic (RS), Marko Milic (RS)

The video includes various artistic and scientific perspectives on the creative process while working on BINEMA, the winning project of the art+science AI Lab national selection for 2021, done in collaboration with the Clean CaDET AI project funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

Program Overview - art+science 2021
Dobrivoje Lale Erić (RS), Petar Laušević (RS) and Elisa Cuesta (ES)

This guided tour introduces the Festival audience the sixth edition of the art+science program of the Center for the Promotion of Science, which focuses on the creative and critical reading and analysis of the AI-based systems, their values and possibilities. This year’s exibition, AI Realities, presents 13 works and tries to act as a stage for the insightful and inspirational discussion and partnering between local and international peers in all related fields.

LIT Exhibition

Während sich Kunst und Wissenschaft einst aus einer gemeinsamen Quelle speisten, wurden die beiden Disziplinen mit dem Ende der Renaissance in getrennte Bahnen gelenkt. Der Aufschwung der Medienkunst Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts markiert einen Wendepunkt dieser gegenläufigen Entwicklung. Technologische und wissenschaftliche Errungenschaften werden von der Kunst absorbiert, avancieren zum Ausgangsmaterial des ästhetischen Ausdrucks.

We are STEAMhouse
STEAMhouse (GB)

STEAMhouse sees that STEAM is centered on collaboration and openness, and believes that those principles are most fully realized when the arts and the sciences are allowed to collide, for the creativity embedded in both to be released.