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Disconnected Experiences

CLIC Cuba-Europe, EUNIC Cuba, European Union, Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad de La Habana (CU), Habana Espacios Creativos (CU), Asociación Hermanos Saíz (CU), !!!Sección ARTE (CU)

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This garden also offers an on-site program.

Cuba’s late and gradual incorporation into the internet, as well as the continuing limitations on access to technologies, have shaped the ways in which digital art is produced, presented and distributed. While for most of the world’s citizens being online is a matter of course, on the island it is not, since access to the internet is recent, unstable, restricted and expensive. Artists move between offline and online spaces (virtual and physical) without apparent conflict, a unique characteristic extended to all social and cultural practices.

This has given rise to some peculiar forms of digital interaction and distribution; a series of alternative phenomena have emerged that are products of social creativity. The most popular is the “Paquete Semanal” (Weekly Package), a collection of one-terabyte files, which is distributed person-to-person across the country and covers a wide variety of digital entertainment media. Within the Paquete Semanal there is the !!!Sección ART, a digital exhibition space that presents art projects on a monthly basis through the folder structures.

The Disconnected Experiences project addresses the Cuban art scene with a proposal for an approach to digital practices, cultural experiences and the adaptation of technologies. In parallel to its online presence in Ars Electronica, Disconnected Experiences will be exhibited offline through !!!Sección ARTE, in the Paquete Semanal, with an approximate reach of 10 million users in Cuba.


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Garden Curator: Nestor Siré
Steering Group: Jorge Peralta and Michael M. Thoss
Coordinator: Raquel Ávila
Jury: Cristina Figueroa Vives, Jorge Fernández and Yusnier Mentado
Assistant: Yainet Rodríguez