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Digital Sensing

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (AT)

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The project Digital Sensing examines the possibilities of scanning and perceiving the human body using contemporary technologies. The main inspiration and reference are August Sander’s photographic long-term project Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts (People of the 20th Century), created between 1925 and 1964, and Fiona Tan’s film installation Countenance, conceived around 2000. Both works deal in a concentrated and very specific way with the technical recording and presentation of human beings — first Sander with the medium of photography and later Tan with her filmic concept.

As a project of the 21st century, Digital Sensing focuses on this exemplary approach presented so impressively by August Sander and Fiona Tan and continues it from a digital point of view. Specifically, it questions the possibilities of capturing the human body with current technologies such as 3D photography, AI scanning, and morphing, and then projects it back into physical space in the form of 3D-printed sculptures, thus transforming Sander and Tan's idea in media terms.


The Master Digital Arts at the University of applied science Upper Austria campus Hagenberg opens up the possibility of design specialization in the fields of computer animation, audio/video and game design. The program offers a strongly developed project part and a wide range of in-depth courses that combine theory and practice at a high level.


Jürgen Hagler (Supervisor), Florian Fiebiger (Artist), Sebastian Moritz (Artist), Simon Hochleitner (Artist)