Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition


Aquaterrestrial Recolonization

University of The Bahamas (BS), AI.R LAB Science (US/RS/IT)

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There are numerous scientific reports showing that coral reefs, which are a crucial part of our planet’s ecosystem and our existence, have been significantly jeopardized by increased pollution and the adverse effects of climate change. Reef systems are irreplaceable resources of food for a quarter of the ocean’s marine life and play an important role in the generation of clean air and the protection of vulnerable coastlines. The geographical position and geological composition of The Bahamas place the archipelago at the center of an ecological/environmental disaster; one in which dire consequences, directly and indirectly, affect numerous sectors of human society. Project Aquaterrestrial Recolonization is a joint effort of a group of artists based in The Bahamas proactively responding to rising climate change concerns. We are recording the current state of the surrounding dead coral reefs and feeding AI with that data to visualize a recolonized ocean floor; calculated imaging, restoring the parts of the planet mankind has destroyed. We are using AI as the planet Earth’s protector from further human devastations. We are driven by the idea that maybe it is time to give to another intelligent entity, based on logic and calculations rather than greed and carelessness. We are using AI technology to generate new coral reefs, and confront the audience with what we have lost, where we are now and what needs to be rebuilt to preserve our planet for the next generations.


The University of The Bahamas is the national public institution of higher education in The Bahamas with campuses throughout the archipelago. The main campus is located in the capital city of Nassau, on the island of New Providence. AI.R LAB Science is a research lab focused on AI generated content and computer vision research and development. Our text-to-image and image-to-text unique approach called Artificial Intelligence Reality (AI.R) is validated and accepted by the creative industries.


Predrag K. Nikolić (RS/BS), Kishan Munroe (BS), Giacomo Bertin (IT), Marko Jovanović (RS), University of The Bahamas (BS), AI.R LAB Science (US/RS/IT)