Ars for Nons

Lea Luka Sikau (DE), Denisa Pubalova (CZ), Michael Artner (AT), Julia Wurm (AT)

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The Ars Electronica Festival combines art, technology, and society. For 43 years, the festival has nurtured the creation of art for society with technology. The installation Ars for Nons deconstructs this equation: it creates art for technology, which essentially is a part of society already. Art is not made by nonhuman technology for humans, but with technology for nonhumans. It asks why and how to create art for other-than-human beings. Ars for Nons creates a space for nonhumans, “Nons”, to be immersed in “Ars”, an interactive art piece. The installation is conceptualized for the group of Nons that are most likely to be present at the Ars Electronica Festival: smartphones. Every phone inhabits its own white cube to perceive and contribute to an art installation, consisting of sound, vibration, and imagery. In the meantime, the accompanying human waits. Ultimately, the installation stretches the human perspective, deconstructing and rethinking our relationship with art.


Denisa Pubalova is an interdisciplinary artist, conceptualizing processes beyond human experience with generative art.
Julia Wurm is an aspiring sociologist focusing on the intersection of global inequality studies and feminist theories.
Michael Artner is a computer scientist researching Quantum Computing and how to explain its otherworldly concepts.
Artist-researcher Lea Luka Sikau works at the intersection of music, media art, and performance, pursuing a PhD at Cambridge University.