Humanity Island — Data to be Continued

Childhood Revisited

Hakka Public Communication Foundation (TW)

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There is a darkroom flashing with dim red lights. A person carefully puts the negatives into the cassette with both hands, focusing on the paper below with a magnifier moving up and down in flaring lights. An image emerges on the paper. The sound of splashing water and laughter brings the person back to the 1940s via this photo to look through a childhood in a big world. A person returns to childhood with dreams and imagination and enters a timeline without the restraint of time and space.


Wen-Chieh Chang is devoted to the development of digital media, like VR and XR. By adding storylines and creative content, he embodies the experience of VR and XR. In 2019, he stepped into VR creation and worked with director Hsin-Chien Huang to create *Three States of Home Gazing*, to bring the concept of art and XR experience closer together.