Domus Anguillae

Teguh Ostenrik (ID)

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Collection of: Abigail Hakim, Wiyu Wahono, Evelyn Halim

Domus Anguillae is an ARTificial Reef installation created by artist Teguh Ostenrik and Yayasan Terumbu Rupa. It is an art installation that is placed underwater as a medium for coral to grow and at the same time, creates a new diving destination. Its presence brought an education and ecology awareness to the locals. Its structure comprises six tunnels at 6–10 meters in length each, 3m height, and 3m width. With a total of 60m in length. It will be shown only in video in the exhibition.


Teguh Ostenrik, master’s in fine arts from the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin (DE). For more than 40 years, Teguh has exhibited globally. His paintings, sculptures, terracotta, installation works, video art, dance choreography, and stage setting have become part of private collections and institutions such as the Willem de Kooning Studio (US).