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VFQ Gesellschaft für Frauen und Qualifikation mbH (AT)

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In the spirit of the motto “Create Your World”, visitors are invited to draw wishes, contributions, etc. for their world or simply formulate them as a message. These drawn contributions will be scanned and transferred to a CNC milling machine and produced in duplicate. One of the two pieces can be taken home by the visitors. The duplicate will be part of a work of art that will be composed of all contributions until the end on Sunday.

What is to be thematized with it?

Not only digital information can be copied, but also workpieces, etc. Although the manufacturing process is changing, the idea comes from the human being. The world is more than just the sum of its parts.

The trainees of VFQ – Orientation and Teaching also program a game and invite you to try it out: This game thematizes our handling of resources, waste separation and recycling with a focus on IT equipment in a playful way.