How Do U Feel Today?

 Utami Atasia Ishii (ID/JP)

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after How Do U taste?

How Do U Feel Today? is a continuation of the video artwork How Do You Taste?. This time I will present the installation work of a microscope and video by combining the “sambal” (traditional Indonesian cuisine) concept with the migraine aura concept based on my own experiences. Migraine aura itself is a migraine condition that begins with the aura stage where the patient will see flashes of light. Visual aura can occur in various forms that move with subtle fluctuations.


Utami Atasia Ishii was born on May 12th, 1996 in Magelang, Indonesia. Since 2014, she has led a life fully devoted to the arts, capturing reality on the canvas and expressing her feelings through electronic music, video art, and interactive art. This mission was perceived to consist in technological and scientific notions into the human experience and imagination. Through a meticulous approach to many kinds of arts, she has made a strong and positive impression in the industry.