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I want to see how you see – A film about disability/inclusion/ableism

Julia Hametner (AT), Anamaria Zupancic (AT), Anna Hametner (AT), Lena Holzer (AT), Nicole Höflinger (AT), Stefanie Dürnberger (AT), Tobias Huber (AT)

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What makes us the same? What makes us different? This very personal documentary film, created by six friends, deals with the topic of disability and sheds light on the concepts of ableism, normality, physical empowerment, stigmatization and social inclusion and exclusion. The film focuses on the perceptions and interpersonal relationships of the protagonists and critiques the problems of inclusion in the primary labor market.


“I want to see you as you are! Not how I want to see you.” Can this be our contribution to an inclusive and diverse society? To a society where simply everyone can be! Do we see what is or do we see what we want to see? – a thought portrait that gets to the bottom of this question. It tells of acceptance and rejection. About respect and disregard. About attention and ignorance. And of the fact that we have every reason to celebrate. Life. Our diversity. But above all, ourselves. A plea for more equal opportunities.


Julia Hametner is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna and works as a graphic and communication designer at Zunder in Linz.


Studio West, Salzburg, Salzburg
Mural Harbor, Linz

Julia Hametner

Anamaria Zupancic
Anna Hametner
Lena Holzer
Nicole Höflinger
Stefanie Dürnberger
Tobias Huber

Senad Masinovic
Julia Hametner

Musik und Komposition:
Marion Oberleitner, Maerlia

Gitarre und Musikproduktion:
Thomas Knebel

Schnitt und Ton:
Julia Hametner

Greta Spatz #undduso

Holger Faby, Nicole Baier
Renate Hametner

Thanks to: Klara Stanger, Sarah Reindl, Selma Hacker, Claudia Aigner, Kristina Wiesinger and Iris Diesenreiter for your help and assistance. All parents and participants for your time. Christina Lugmayer for your text skills. Zunder for equipment, light and camera. Brigitte Niedermayer and Josef Bröderbauer for the screening on the European Protest Day for Equality of People with Disabilities in Linz. And Harald Bjelik (FAB Virtual Office) and Hans Christian Merten for letting us be part of the festival.