Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition

Ars Electronica Garden Novi Sad

Mirror Terrain

Bel Art Gallery (RS), Miloš Fath (RS)

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A Study of Historical Erasure

In order to build a different and brighter future we must not simply move forward through time, but backwards as well. We must reprogram ourselves to see what’s already gone and reroute our paths to include our predecessors in our future endeavors. Human experience is composed of many invisible layers and Mirror Terrain renders one of them observable.

Mirror Terrain creates a mnemonic environment which enables us to see our past and reprogram ourselves in order to avoid erasing history which lies within it in the form of statues. By minding our steps and avoiding the erosion of statues, we grow more observant, altruistic and intimate. Their random compositions create images of involuntary families, communities and relationships of different people bound by an experience. In essence, these “ghosts” serve as monuments to our future progress. Their erosion due to indifferent and irresponsible public contact in a space with no restrictions amplifies discourse on human nature and the neglect of history.


Gallery Bel Art, founded in 1998 in Novi Sad, offers an authentic artistic platform that simultaneously gives space to renowned artists as well as young talented ones. The gallery organizes exhibitions and art events, giving priority to innovative artistic and curatorial practices, promotes authentic artistic values and advocates for tolerance and intercultural understanding through art. The most important annual international project is the Danube Dialogues Contemporary Art Festival.


We are grateful to our production partner Furuna Crafts, Novi Sad