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OSHub: create your world TOUR

create your world (AT), Open Science Hub Network (INT)

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OSHub: create your world TOUR showcases a selection of workshops recently developed and implemented primarily in virtual classrooms within the context of the Open Science Hub Network. In the create your world TOUR students and teachers have direct access to content that is currently of interest to artists and thinkers from the entire Ars Electronica network. Interactive methods, new technologies and materials and artistic positions are prepared for the classroom and dealt with there. A joint learning process is launched and a foundation laid for lasting inspiration for both learners and educators alike.

Open Science Hub Network (INT) supports schools and local stakeholders to use research and innovation as a tool for tackling local challenges and contributing to sustainable community development. Local OSHubs work as mediators in each local community, positioning schools as active agents for collaboration between families, universities, research institutes, industry, enterprises, media, local governments, civil society organizations, and wider society, by engaging in real-life projects that meet societal needs.

The create your world tour is presented within the framework of the OSHub project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement No. 824581.