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University of Art and Design Linz (AT)

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Alejandro Quiñones Roa (CO)

Soft Press is a sound performance that atomizes modified percussion instruments by means of live coding and live audio processing. By merging robot-based instruments, programming, and improvisation, the work aims to generate a sound ecosystem, where sound phenomena are always unexpected and fluctuating. During the performance, a cymbal and a snare drum react to the live coding software Super Collider, generating an electronic music composition.

Stones are Angels

Daphne Xanthopoulou (GR)

In our highly networked world, big tech dominates our daily lives and interferes with them, too, ethically, in ways that are opaque. What might we hear if we listen to the ghosts in our machines? What kind of stories would they have to tell us? Stones are Angels is a participatory performance that draws attention to the mineral substratum of our ethereal technologies, by augmenting our encounters with our electronic companions. Using our intra-actions as means for collective composition, we speculate on the language of stones, the unity of spiritual and material life, and our ability to communicate in anthropomorphic ways with the mineral.

Credits: sculptures by Sheyda Ramhormozi, visuals by Diana Bogucka, original circuit design by Jonáš Gruska, photograph by Błażej Kotowski


Vahid Qaderi (IR), Razieh Kooshki (IR)

Cluster is an audio-visual collaboration between composer and musician Vahid Qaderi and visual artist Razieh Kooshki. Over several years, the two artists developed and performed audio-visual performances. The music combines the genres of noise, ambient, IDM and Dark techno alongside recorded sounds of the environment and is accompanied by sound reactive and generative abstract/surreal visuals. The complex real-time visuals are mostly made up of basic 2D and 3D. This performance is a continuation of the Vivid Q series, the first part of which was performed in Tehran in 2018. By creating a continuous and at the same time changing atmosphere, the artists endeavor to trigger the audience’s imagination to create their own stories out of the abstract sounds and images

Hairy Situation Vol. 3: Woven Memories

Kathrine Hardman (US)

The third in her series of hair-based instruments, Hairy Situation Vol. 3: Woven Memories is a music synthesizer, an audio scrapbook, and an electronic tapestry of human hair. The work serves as a reflection of the last three years (2019–2022), chronicling all the moments seen by the hair which had grown during that period. Presented as a collaborative performance, the artist and audience members play the instrument by combing the woven tapestry with a specially designed hairbrush. Using capacitive sensors, the instrument can sense the way in which the user brushes the woven hair. Gentle movements translate into sounds of peaceful memories, like a summer breeze, a lover’s heartbeat, and sweet nothings. Harsh brushing triggers likewise harsh sounds.


Smirna Kulenovic (BA)

We are all Bodies of Water: Re-enchanting the Vulva, re-spiriting the Danube, inviting the magic back into our oceanic beginnings, we embody our ancestral river myths through our common microbes, dancing.

DANU is a result of a transdisciplinary workshop by the artist Smirna Kulenovic, materialized as a collaboration between MA students at the Dance Institute (ABPU) and Interface Cultures Department (KUNI Linz). During the Summer Semester 2022, each student was guided through their personal and shared artistic research in hydrocommons.

Artists: Alejandra Benet Garcia, Laura Gagliardi, Lucia Mauri, Ariathney Coyne, Alessia Rizzi, Lina Pulido Barragán, Sara Koniarek, Maria Dirneder, Felix Chang, Dafni Xantholopolou

Artistic Researchers / Advisors: Smirna Kulenovic, Damian Cortes-Alberti, Julia Moser