The Fallen Clouds

Josefina Buschmann (CL), Daniela Camino (CL), Nicole L’Huillier, Francisca Saéz(CL), Poli Mujica (CL)

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Selfies, memes, tweets; they all live in the “cloud,” an opaque metaphor of our times. Where are those “clouds”? What footprints do they leave on the ground? How can we make their materialities and geographies visible? The Fallen Clouds is a speculative research-based installation that delves into the socio-environmental resonances of digital infrastructures in Chile to break the great myth of cloud computing. The narrative follows a digital cloud searching for its body and origin extended from submarine cables in the Pacific Ocean, data centers in Santiago, to lithium extraction in the Atacama Desert. On the journey it becomes entangled with human and more-than-human beings; past, present and future myths. This exploration takes the form of an atmospheric installation composed of floating sonic sculptures and a film projection to create an immersive experience, opening a portal to a deep time temporality where future remediation lies in the past.


Josefina is a researcher and media artist exploring digital infrastructures and their socioenvironmental resonances. She holds an MSc in Comparative Media Studies from MIT. Daniela is a film producer and director of documentary films and XR media. Nicole is a sonic artist exploring more-than-human performativity. Francisca is a director of photography with a specialty in 16 mm film. Poli Mujica is a transdisciplinary artist, teacher, and cultural mediator.


Produced by Mimbre Films. Partially funded by CreaTures – Creative Practices for Transformational Futures
The participation is the result of a collaboration between Ars Electronica and the Ministerío de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio and the Ministerío de Relaciones Exteriores | Gobierno de Chile.