the Intersection

Superflux (GB)

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the Intersection explores a bold and hopeful vision of the future. Set in the near future, Superflux’s film journeys from a violent present to a cooperative future. It tells stories of active hope from those who have fought to reimagine extractive technology, serve community, support nature, and value planetary relationships. Influenced by Ken Burns’ documentary The Dust Bowl, the film is situated within a possible future, several years after modern technology brought growing racial, social and economic inequality to a critical mass. The story features diverse protagonists individually recounting past experiences with modern technology and exploring their place in the future they now live in. We hope this film makes the future of ambient technology more tangible, prompts us to investigate our relationship with technology, and encourages us to build toward a more just, pluralistic world that centers the experiences of those most marginalized among us.


Superflux creates worlds, stories and tools that provoke and inspire us to engage with the precarity of our rapidly changing world. Founded by Anab Jain and Jon Ardern, the studio has gained critical acclaim for producing work that navigates the entangled wilderness of our technological, political and cultural landscape. The studio has produced impactful futures work for clients like Google AI, UNDP, IKEA, Cabinet Office UK and exhibited at MoMA NY, V&A Museum, and La Biennale di Venezia.


Commissioned by Eshanthi Ranasinghe, Julia Solano, Nicola Allred (Omidyar Network)
Strategy & Creative Direction: Jon Ardern, Anab Jain
Film Direction: Anab Jain, Matthew Edgson, Jon Ardern
Production: Matthew Edson, Lizzie Crouch, Nicola Ferrao, Ed Lewis, Nicò Fioritti, Leanne Fischer, Natalia Dovhalionok
Research: Aarathi Krishnan, Yuebai Liu, Jay Owens, Justin Pickard, Ronda Zelezny-Green

Funded through the STUDIOTOPIA project. STUDIOTOPIA is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.