Altered Realities

The War Room VR

William T. Ayton (UK)

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The War Room VR is a VR environment and projected video artwork inspired by the anti-war, large-scale, painted installation The War Room: You Can’t Look Away (2004) created by William T. Ayton and Diana Ayton-Shenker. The War Room VR is a digital remediation of the human experience of war: Warriors, Victims, Witnesses, & Aftermath. Created in 2022 using Blender and Unity, in collaboration with Meteor Studio, Aaron Toyne, Lizzie Ayton.


William T. Ayton: XR artist, makes large-scale AR public art & VR environments integrating 2D painting & drawing. Ayton teaches 3D Digital Art, as Artist-in-Residence at ASU Meteor Studio, HIDA. He studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has shown art at the UN (NYC & Geneva), in private & public spaces in Europe, US, Canada & beyond.