Deepti Dutt

Pronouns: she/her

A pioneering university should consider the following arguments:

1. Cultivating self-awareness: To contribute to a stronger society, it is crucial for individuals and institutions to prioritize self-awareness. As we navigate the rapidly evolving technological landscape, the significance of humanities subjects becomes more pronounced than ever. By developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and our values, we can make more informed decisions about the future. As Yuval Noah Harari suggests, if we fail to harness our power to engineer life with a clear understanding of its implications, market forces may shape our future in ways that do not prioritize human well-being. By integrating the humanities into the education system, we can strike a balance between economic growth and human development, ensuring a future that serves the broader needs of society.

2. Empathy as a guiding principle: Art and technology can contribute to society by embodying empathy and compassion. By amplifying the voices of human growth-centered vision and challenging existing power structures, art and technology can inspire social change. The pioneering university should encourage interdisciplinary collaborations that foster empathy and a sense of social responsibility. By emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations, it helps participants with not only skills in their respective fields but also conscious of the impact their work has on society at large.

3. Transparency in knowledge and decision-making: A key principle for the new university should be transparency. This applies not only to the knowledge that is shared within the academic community but also to the decision-making processes that shape the institution and its programs. Transparent narratives and open access to information enable critical thinking and empower individuals to make informed choices. By ensuring that the decision-making process is inclusive and participatory, the university can provide a platform for diverse perspectives and ideas to thrive. This approach allows individuals to develop their own well-thought-out perspectives, avoiding preconceived notions and fostering independent thinking. If we are to urge the future development of Artificial Intelligence to be more transparent with their data processes, we could lead by example through the deliverance of the same at the intersection of art, technology, and society.